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Professional Car Clean

Detailing FAQ's

Q: Why do you not dry / show drying a car?
A: We use pure filtrated RO Water, this means we do not need to dry the car.

Q: Do you never dry a car?
A: We can if you desire however it is not required, we will also dry a car in the waxing or sealing phase if selected.

Q: How do you dry a car?
A: We use forced hot air. Its like a giant hair dryer for cars.

Q: Why use RO Water?
A: Simple, Using RO Water leaves you with a spotless finish without the need to dry with microfibre towels further reducing any chance of scratching or swirl marks.

Q: How do you prevent scratches & swirl marks?
A: Before we even touch your car, we first Hot RO Jet Wash from the bottom up, then we snowfoam bottom to top, then Hot RO Jet Wash again bottom to top & if selected we will add TFR & Hot RO Jet Wash once more before using a 2 grit guard bucket system with lambs wool mits.

Q: Why work from bottom to top?
A: We only do this for the first stages so contaminates have the most soak time, it is also good for checking we have covered every area as rinsing top down can remove soaps etc from below areas then they get missed & finally so we do not bring the contaminants around the clean.

Q: What is snowfoam?
A: Snowfoam is a foaming ph neutral shampoo applied to the car to breakdown dirt & contaminants before your car is touched.

Q: What is TFR?
A: TFR is a PH neutral traffic film remover to further remove contaminants & tar to even further reduce any chance of scratching before your car is touched.

Q: What is clay / claybar / claying?
A: Claying is aimed at removing tar, bugs, tree sap, overspray safely to produce a silky smooth surface for your car before sealing with wax or other sealants.