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Professional Car Clean

Wrap Safe Car Wash

So your ride is wrapped, washing wrapped cars matt or gloss for us is no different to cleaning any other type of finish as all of our wash chemicals are not only PH neutral but wrap safe, with the exception of engine degreasers and of course we wouldn’t use that on a wrap, if your car is wrapped and needs a good engine clean, we will only steam clean the engine.

Now stage 2 is where the difference begins Matt and Gloss and waxing / sealing.
We carry a range of nano sealants for both matt and gloss wraps.

Just because you have a wrapped and/or a matt car doesn’t mean you cant have beading like you would with waxed cars, Exo is a great nano coating that is compatible with matt and matt wrapped cars and does not change the finish of the wrap but provides a fantastic hydrophobic (water beading) layer to enjoy.