Despite the huge success Derek has enjoyed in motor sport, he remains approachable and down to earth, qualities which have endeared him to a global fan base. His ability to communicate across all forms of media in an easy and friendly style reflects his easy going and very English personality. He is a brand ambassador for global automotive manufacturers as well as leading financial institutions and race tracks. He is able to lecture and provide motivational talks on team building and the importance of working effectively as a team. His audiences range from private functions of 300 people to 9,000 delegates at global conventions.

How can Derek assist?

Derek likes working with companies, charities and projects he believes in. The range of commercial partners and charities he works with and what it means to them to work with Derek can be viewed with the partner’s page. His name is synonymous with integrity, the highest values, quality and vision, so it is no surprise that he continues to be associated with some of the largest brands and events in the world.

To work with Derek, contact Rebecca Leppard


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