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Professional Car Clean

Professional New Car Protection Newbury

So you have just purchased your new car & there is nothing more important than to keep it looking new for years to come. Over the years we have seen some new cars straight from the factory needing some work to return the car to what you would expect your new car to be delivered like, unfortunately dealers valeters are not quite up to the standard that detailers are & often hand-over cars in a less than ideal condition, many customers now ask for their new cars to be un touched before collection, so we can offer the paint a safe wash & seal before more work is required.

Most dealers offer a paint sealant when purchasing a new car, such as Smart Guard, AutoGlym Lifeshine, StarGuard to name a few.

Not only are these options often costly they do not offer the amount of protection or durability that a full new car protection detail from us will.

  • Total inspection, measuring & recording paint thickness.
  • Rinse to remove loose dirt.
  • Snow foamed removing dirt without physically touching the vehicle.
  • Rinse to remove snow foam with the capsulated dirt.
  • Bonded iron contaminants removed from paint using De-ironizer.
  • Bonded Tar contaminants removed using Tar dissolver.
  • Vehicle washed using a fresh mitt & 2 buckets, rinsed every panel (One for rinse, one for shampoo wash).
  • Intricate details (badges, vents, rails, grills) on the car are agitated with soft brushes to ensure no dirt is missed.
  • Transit protection wrap glue removed
  • Rinse with RO Water to remove shampoo.
  • Wheels removed & Washed front & back using a PH Neutral wheel cleaner & soft brushes.
  • Wheel arches Washed & Decontaminated.
  • Paintwork & wheels dried naturally inside thanks to the RO Water.
  • Remaining Contaminants such as tree sap & fallout removed using fine automotive clay.
  • Paint cleansed & wiped down to maximise total bonding of sealants with the paintwork.
  • Car sealants applied to paint.
  • Wheel sealant applied to wheels.
  • Glass sealant applied to protect glass & reducing the need for windscreen wipers when driving at speed.
  • Plastics & rubber sealed to avoid fading.
  • Tyre Dressing applied giving a natural, satin or gloss finish depending on your preference.
  • Leather or Fabric Seats Cleaned and sealed
  • Carpets cleaned and protected
  • Mats cleaned and protected
  • Post-detail inspection.
  • Customer walk around, ensuring complete customer satisfaction before hand-over or return to dealer for hand-over.

Professional New Car Protection Prices

Starter Package - £375.00
Contents of the above list.
Engine - £50.00
Add Engine detail and protect to Package A
Correction - From £100.00
If your new motor needs some extra TLC before protection. Price per panel.
Soft Top - £75.00
Protect your soft top with waterproof nano coating.
1-2 Days0.5 Days0.5-7 Days0.5 Days